Healthcare Economy Fairness Public Safety

Sharon Sweda is for a healthy Ohio.

Sharon Sweda will work tirelessly to ensure Ohioans have access to affordable healthcare they need.

She will work to solve the heroin and opioid epidemic that is plaguing our State and assist the affected individuals and their families.

As a longtime resident of Northern Ohio, Sharon has seen heroin and opioid abuse decimate communities and ruin lives. Families have been waiting years for help and have received none from our state legislature. We must be proactive to alleviate the pain and suffering of all those affected. Access to quality and affordable healthcare is of priority to Sharon. She understands the importance of healthcare for all other aspects of life. Sharon will work to find solutions to bring healthcare to more Ohioans through expanding access to Medicaid.

Sharon Sweda is for a prosperous Ohio.

Sharon Sweda will fight for better public education, to promote business growth, and improve affordable housing for a strong and prosperous Ohio.

Public education is essential to creating a strong future for our kids and Ohio. As your state senator, Sharon Sweda will stop state takeovers and support collective bargaining to make sure our students are getting the best education possible. She will work to secure investment in our district and state to bring more jobs and stability into Ohioans’ lives and ensure a prosperous future for Ohio and its residents. These goals cannot be accomplished without improving access to affordable housing and stabilizing our local housing market.

Sharon Sweda stands for a fair Ohio.

Sharon Sweda is for a welcoming, fair Ohio where citizens of all political and religious beliefs, races and genders are heard and represented.

Sharon is proud to stand with our LGBTQ+ and minority communities and recognizes the work that has yet to be done in furtherance of equality.

As a state senator, Sharon will fight divisive and discriminatory policies that alienate Ohioans and discourage a diverse community. All citizens should have equal votes and be heard by their legislator, which is why Sharon will stand up against any aggressive, partisan gerrymandering efforts coming out of Columbus.

Sharon Sweda stands with Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Veterans for a safe Ohio.

Sharon understands the need to support our men and women in uniform that selflessly serve our country and communities.

Coming from a military family, Sharon has immense respect and appreciation for those who serve our country and communities. Our Public Safety Personnel must be well funded and equipped to carry out their duties safely and effectively. We cannot neglect the needs of Police and Fire Departments any longer. Sharon will fight to restore local government funding and protect collective bargaining. She believes our state must ensure that every veteran has access to their benefits and a place to call home. Our legislature must not ignore the mistreatment of our men and women in uniform.