Sharon “Shari” Sweda is originally from Lorain, Ohio until the age of 12 when their blue-collar family moved to neighboring Amherst. The daughter of a UAW 425 member and oldest of four siblings, Sweda comes from a modest, Catholic background and is the proud niece of Sailor Johnnie Rozzano – who perished on the USS Indianapolis.

In 1972, Sweda attended night classes to obtain her real estate license. Upon graduation, she entered a male dominated industry and immediately began working with underserved groups after observing discriminatory practices in the field.

Sharon and Richard

Sharon married Richard Sweda in 1987, and the two well-matched, energetic partners pulled together what few resources they had to start a real estate brokerage and building company. From there, Richard, a United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America retiree, and Sharon grew their two-person real estate firm into a wellrespected, seven-branch firm of nearly 150 agents prior to its sale in 2004.

During her years as a real estate broker, Sweda was an active state and local leader. She held office as President of the Lorain County Association of Realtors, Chairman of the Board for The Cleveland Area Board of Realtors, District V.P. for the Ohio Division of Realtors, and numerous other state committee chairmanships. Sharon lobbied on behalf of homeownership protection and health insurance inclusion for independent contractors with the National Association of Realtors annually in Washington D.C. Sweda received numerous accolades throughout her career.

In 2006 Sweda embarked on her latest venture, American Patriot Title Agency. American Patriot is the only local title company that is solely owned by a female and Lorain County resident. Thanks to Sweda’s leadership, American Patriot has provided quality service and assistance to Ohio homeowners even in the toughest circumstances.

Through the housing collapse, Sweda was an outspoken advocate for Northern Ohio. She contacted presidential candidates to shed light on the crisis’ impact on working Ohioans. Sharon’s life’s work has brought her to hundreds of kitchen tables where she learned the ambitions and fears of families and what they need from their leaders to be happy, safe, and successful.

As Sweda negotiated short sales pro bono, she felt a calling to help on a larger scale. It became clear that District 13 was unlike the rest of the nation and required leadership that responds to its people and their needs. Status quo solutions are not working in District 13.

District 13 needs a leader who understands and will be a relentless advocate. Sweda carries the call to action to restore all of District 13. Between her upbringing in Lorain, Amherst, and residency in Huron as a horse farmer, Sweda understands both urban and rural issues and will fairly represent the entire district. A tireless worker, Sweda will bring strength, integrity, and leadership to her duties as District 13’s state senator. A true representative of the district, Sweda will vote for and promote priorities set by the citizens, not the legislature.

The Swedas are proud to have a blended family of six children, three daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, eight grandchildren, three step-grandchildren, one great grandchild, and one step-great grandchild. Four of their children are educators, and one of their granddaughters just completed an enlistment with the U.S. Army. They are members of St. Joseph’s Church in Amherst where Sharon sings in the choir.